Group, Private, & After-Hours Tours

The Alamo offers several options for private group and after-hours tours.

To book your tour, or for more information, contact us at (210) 225-1391 ext. 145.

Private Tours

$40 per person | 1 – 5 people

Skip the lines: with the Alamo Private tour, individuals and small groups are guided through the Alamo and grounds at their leisure. This personalized tour creates a more intimate experience for you and your small group, at the time that works best for you.

After-Hours & Before-Hours Tours

$25 per person | 20 – 75 people

Retrace the footsteps of the past in the solitude of an Alamo After-Hours tour. Your exclusive visit will include a personalized tour of the Church and the Long Barrack Museum before or after normal operating hours. The After-Hours tour offers an unforgettable experience for out-of-town guests, corporate groups, private ceremonies and receptions, and more.

Group Battlefield Tours

$15 per person | 20 – 30 people

Our public Battlefield Tour can be reserved for private groups of 20 – 30 people during normal business hours. This tour follows the outline of the original fort, and takes you to the North wall, where Colonel Travis spent his final moments and where David Crockett defended the palisade.

School Groups & Field Trips

The Alamo welcomes thousands of students to the grounds each year. We offer several different packages for school groups to help you plan the trip that best suits your learning objectives. Please visit the Plan Your Field Trip page for more information and to schedule your trip.

To discuss private, VIP visits, please call Alex Ramirez at (210) 225-1391 ext. 111.