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The Siege of Bexar (San Antonio) from October to December 1835 was the first major campaign of the Texas Revolution.

The ensuing Battle from 5 to 10 Dec. 1835 ended in a Texan victory that cleared Texas of the last remaining Mexican troops on its soil.  The contest for Béxar, however was not over as Santa Anna would soon return to punish the rebels at the Battle of the Alamo in his effort to reclaim the town.

This temporary exhibit is intended to highlight the recent return from conservation work of the important Henry Arthur McArdle painting in the Alamo Collection, “Ben Milam Calling for Volunteers” (1901). The painting is joined in this exhibit by other artifacts from the Alamo Collection, as well as documents from the Texas General Land Office Archives.

The Alamo would like to thank the Elizabeth Huth Coates Charitable Foundation of San Antonio for funding the conservation of the Ben Milam painting.

Ben Milam Painting

This temporary exhibit runs from Saturday February 20th to Sunday May 29th 2016 during all open hours.