Preservation Projects

The Alamo Complex is composed of historic buildings dating to the mission period (Church and Long Barrack) as well as historic buildings and resources from the twentieth century (Gift Museum, Alamo Hall, Alamo Research Center, Arbor), and modern resources to support visitors and staff.

Each of these built resources, as well as the grounds themselves, are undergoing much-need improvements.

Ongoing research and assessment projects:

Current research projects aim to investigate known physical deficiencies and aid in planning for the future of the Alamo.

Ongoing physical improvement projects:

Current physical improvement projects aim to address deficiencies that pose a threat to public safety, do not comply with current codes, constitute an error, have an exceedingly poor appearance, or would cause substantial harm to the resource if not remedied within two years. Most physical improvement projects are designed by historical architects and engineers, and many of the projects listed below are currently in the design phase prior to physical construction. Physical improvement projects are generally scheduled to minimize visitor impact.

Recently Completed physical improvement Projects:


Recently Completed research studies: